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Transform your 180° hinge into a self-closing solution thanks to our Rhino hydraulic gate closer. The direct connection to the Locinox hinge guarantees the discreet look and efficient transmission of the energy required to close the gate perfectly. The anodized aluminium housing ensures a durable and smooth operation in any weather. The “Rhinodrill” jig guarantees an extremely efficient installation.


  • 180° hydraulic gate closer with adjustable speed and final snap
  • Closing speed unaffected by temperature changes
  • Compact & aesthetic design
  • Scratch resistant and corrosion free anodized aluminium housing
  • Direct assembly on 180° hinges M16 & M20 (GBMU & GBMU4D)
  • Bearing eyebolt is recommended (1034ROLL-M16)
  • Integrated pre-tension for extremely smooth installation
  • For left & right turning gates
  • Easy to open: Max. 20 Nm



  • The gate closer shall be 100% mechanical (no electronic components).
  • It shall be possible to adjust the closing speed of the gate by simply adjusting a valve with an Allen key.
  • It shall be possible to activate a final snap (free run) on the gate closer to ensure the latching of the gate.
  • It shall be possible to eliminate the final snap (free run) on the gate closer completely in order to have a silent closing (i.e. in combination with magnetic locks).
  • The closing force shall be adjustable.
  • The gate closer shall allow for a 180 degrees opening angle of the gate.
  • The gate closer shall be fully compatible with 180° hinges.
  • When opened 180 degrees, the gate closer should self-close over the 180 degrees.
  • The gate closer should have a hydraulic dampening mechanism.
  • The gate closer should be designed and manufactured in Europe or in the United States.
  • The gate closer should have double rubber sealings to avoid oil leakage at all times.
  • The gate closer shall be ROSPA compliant.
  • The gate closer should use rotary seals (vs. linear) seals to ensure the longevity of the closer.
  • The gate closer shall be able to close gates up to 150 kilo / 330 lbs and gate width up to 1,5m / 5”.
  • The resistance to open the gate closer shall be 15Nm maximum.
  • The gate closer shall be available in silver color.


  • The gate closer shall be specifically made for outdoor use (IP69).
  • The hydraulic dampening shall be guaranteed to work properly under all temperature circumstances without any summer or winter adjustments, measured at a 90° opening. The viscosity of the oil shall have no impact on the performance of the gate closer.
    • The closing time shall not be below 10 seconds at 70 degrees Celsius (summer).
    • The closing time shall not be longer than 30 seconds at -30 degrees Celsius (winter).
  • The closer shall have been tested for 500,000 movements.
  • The closer shall be maintenance free (no greasing nor oil refill).
  • The manufacturer warranty shall be 3 years.


  • It shall be possible to mount the closer on minimum gate profiles of 40mm (1 37⁄64”) and with a material thickness of min. 2mm (5/64”), in openings of 15mm (5/8”) pre-drilled according to a drilling template.
  • The closer shall have pre-mounted fasteners (no welding) with stainless steel bolts. All brackets for fixation should come with the product.
  • The same closer shall be able to be used for both left and right turning gates.
  • The closer shall not require a gate stop to be used for limiting the opening angle.
  • A 3D-installation explanatory video shall be available for assisting the installer.
  • Drilling templates shall be included for assisting the installer.
  • An optional drilling jig should be recommended for a correct installation.


  • The mechanism shall be made out stainless steel and aluminum components.
  • The housing of the mechanism shall be made from extruded, powder coated aluminum (no wet painting or anodization). The powder coating shall be according to the Qualicoat standards.
  • The gate closer shall have a corrosion resistance of 500h salt spray according to ISO9227.
  • The gate closer shall be fully weather- and dustproof.
  • The gate closer shall have a UV-resistance against discoloration of 500h.

Installation manual PDF

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Weight 5,045 kg
Dimensions 485 × 73 × 64 mm

Black, Silver


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