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Compact and polyvalent gate closer, fits every gate situation.

The attractive and compact Lion gate closer is unique in its kind. This hydraulic all-rounder is fit for every possible gate situation. Moreover, both 90° and 180° railsets are included in the package, allowing for more flexibility on site. The anodized aluminium housing combines a handsome look with a durable and spotless functioning for many years. Choose the Lion-VTC Drill for an even faster installation.


  • Automatic 180° – closing with adjustable closing speed and final snap
  • Railset included for 90° and 180° situations
  • Scratch resistant and corrosion free anodized aluminium housing
  • Compact & aesthetic design
  • Closing speed unaffected by temperature changes
  • For left & right turning gates
  • Integrated pre-tension for extremely smooth installation
  • Easy & fast mounting: Quick-Fix
  • Easy to open: Max. 16 Nm


  • The gate closer shall be 100% mechanical (no electronic components).
  • It shall be possible to adjust the closing speed of the gate by simply adjusting a valve with an Allen key.
  • It shall be possible to activate a final snap (free run) on the gate closer to ensure the latching of the gate.
  • It shall be possible to eliminate the final snap (free run) on the gate closer completely in order to have a silent closing (i.e. in combination with magnetic locks).
  • The closing force shall be adjustable.
  • The gate closer shall allow for a 180 degrees opening angle of the gate.
  • When opened 180 degrees, the gate closer should self-close over the 180 degrees.
  • The gate closer should have a hydraulic dampening mechanism.
  • The gate closer should be designed and manufactured in Europe or in the United States.
  • The gate closer shall be ROSPA compliant.
  • The gate closer should have double rubber sealings to avoid oil leakage at all times.
  • The gate closer should use rotary seals (vs. linear) seals to ensure the longevity of the closer.
  • The gate closer shall be able to close gates up to 75 kilo / 220 lbs and gate width up to 1,1m / 3-1/2”.
  • The resistance to open the gate closer shall be 15Nm maximum.
  • The gate closer shall be available in either a black or silver color.


  • The gate closer shall be specifically made for outdoor use (IP69).
  • The hydraulic dampening shall be guaranteed to work properly under all temperature circumstances without any summer or winter adjustments, measured at a 90° opening. The viscosity of the oil shall have no impact on the performance of the gate closer.
  • The closing time shall not be below 10 seconds at 70 degrees Celsius (summer).
  • The closing time shall not be longer than 30 seconds at -30 degrees Celsius (winter).
  • The closer shall have been tested for 500,000 movements.
  • The closer shall be maintenance free (no greasing nor oil refill).
  • The manufacturer warranty shall be 3 years.


  • It shall be possible to mount the closer on minimum gate profiles of 40mm (1 37⁄64”) and with a material thickness of min. 2mm (5/64”), in openings of 15mm (5/8”) pre-drilled according to a drilling template.
  • The closer shall have pre-mounted fasteners (no welding) with stainless steel bolts. All brackets for fixation should come with the product.
  • The same closer shall be able to be used for both left and right turning gates.
  • The closer shall not require a gate stop to be used for limiting the opening angle.
  • A 3D-installation explanatory video shall be available for assisting the installer.
  • Drilling templates shall be included for assisting the installer.
  • An optional drilling jig should be recommended for a correct installation.

Installation manual PDF

Additional information

Weight 3,38 kg
Dimensions 350 × 62,8 × 52 mm

Black, Silver


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